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    To create Web Site designs to enable businesses and individuals to take advantage of the vast platform provided by the Internet to provide an inexpensive advertising medium that gets results. We at Parker Information Resources will design an attractive and attention-grabbing Web Site, place it on the World Wide Web and index it so folks looking for your products or services can find you. Every day around the world, companies like yours are establishing a presence on the Web. From small one-man organizations to multinational corporations, businesses can benefit from exposure on this rapidly emerging medium. With your own Web Site, your potential customers from across the globe can find out about your company. Advertising on the World Wide Web costs a small fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.

  • PIR maintains The Houston Business Directory database for our local clients.
  • Houston Business Directory listing-FREE!
  • Houston Business listing and one web page-$100.00 one time fee (using your internet provider).
  • Domain Name Registration Service (www.yourcompany.com) $200-First two years fee prepaid. (Using Our Internet Provider)

    1. Domains: www.yourcompany.com
    2. Sub-Domains: www.houstonbizdir.com/yourcompany
    3. Standard Address: /~yourcompany


    - Web Site creation and images
    - Forwarding e-mail to your current e-mail account
    - Hit counter
    - Mall listing
    - Additional web advertising
    - Search engine submittals
    - World Wide exposure!
    - Duplication of web pages (more exposure)
    - Call or E-mail for a quote.

    Let Parker Information Resources do the legwork so your company can enjoy the benefits of an attractive and attention-grabbing Web Site!

  • Create business leads
  • We bring you traffic, and we promote your business.
  • Our clients have enjoyed World Wide Exposure, feel free to contact them!
  • Need local dial-up access? Or maybe your not sure with whom to sign-up?
  • Exclusively advertise your business banner on our pages!
  • Inexpensive year round advertisement
  • We advertise our pages in our Houston Business Directory
  • We provide links to your web site
  • We can target selective markets
  • Need a banner or logo?
  • Let your banner do all the work
  • Give us your business information and we will contact you with a quote.

    The explosive growth of the Internet has created a high demand for experienced web page designers. But the web is so new that few have experience. Many of today's so called web designers are trying to adapt the knowledge of their previous professions to web publishing. As they try to convince themselves, while trying to convince their customers, their words remind us of the old fashion snake oil salesmen, "Our web designs will cure all of your business problems!" Unlike their predecessors, they are not trying to mislead their customers. They honestly believe that their expertise is perfectly suited to the Internet. Unfortunately, much of what they are selling can actually harm your business.

    Many web designers come from advertising backgrounds. They have been trained to believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. On the web, each square inch of uncompressed full color graphic requires as much time to display as that same thousand words of text. Web surfers tend to make snap decisions about whether a page has anything to offer. You can't afford to force them to wait for fancy graphics or multimedia presentations. It's too easy for them to hit a few buttons and move on to your competitor's web site. If you have no regard for their time, bandwidth, and access charges, they will probably not return to your site for a second look.

    Graphics are important, but they should be used to decorate your pages, not dominate them. If there is a large graphic that you think your customers should see, display a thumbnail of the graphic that links to the larger, more detailed graphic. Give your customers an option, forcing them to wait may force them to leave.

    Many web designers come from technical backgrounds. They live on the bleeding edge of technology, and they are always ready to try the newest release of everything. They honestly believe that a good web site uses all of the latest features the web has to offer. But most Internet users do not keep up with the latest web technology. They do not have the time, expertise, or disk space to load all of the latest software. Simply put, if an Internet user can't display your site, you have just lost a potential customer.

    Most web designers will want to demonstrate their products on their systems. They have the latest software and high speed connections to the Internet. Just remember that a considerable portion of your potential customer base has older software and accesses the net through slower dial up modems. Insist on demonstrations that take these factors into consideration. If possible, find a friend who dials into the Internet with a slower modem using software that is at least one year old. Ask the designers to give you the web address of their demonstration and take your own look at their work under less than perfect conditions. The end result could save you considerable time and money.

    Best of luck with your new web site.


    Parker Information Resources
    Houston, Texas
    E-mail: bparker@parkerinfo.com

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