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Netscape Communicator is a comprehensive set of components that integrates browsing, email, web-based word processing, chat, and group scheduling to allow users to easily communicate, share, and access information.

What's New in Communicator 4.7?

Netscape Radio
Netscape Radio, which rebroadcasts content from Spinner, provides an endless stream of music in 10 channels of programming. These include Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Classical, Electronica, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and The 80s. In addition, Netscape Radio provides links to artists and music groups through Netscape Music, which offers information on more than 51,000 performers, 125,000 albums and more than one million songs. It also provides industry information across a multitude of music genres, album news, reviews, charts, Internet events and a variety of e-commerce opportunities. Netscape Radio can be accessed directly from the Communicator menu.

Shopping Button
The Shopping button on the Navigator main toolbar provides one-click access to Shop@Netscape. Shop@Netscape has hundreds of new merchants, 20 commerce centers and over 50 shopping categories that make shopping easier. It also includes daily programming and specials, links to what's happening in Netscape/Netcenter daily, seasonal catalogs organize products by theme, and a bright, bold, engaging design.


Search and Internet Keyword Improvements Netscape Navigator 4.7 also features the award-winning Netscape Search and Internet Keywords to make finding information faster and easier by enabling consumers to search the Web, shop, look up a stock quote, or ask a question by using simple words and phrases right from the browser URL location field. Internet Keywords allow consumers to conveniently search from wherever they are on the Internet - avoiding the extra step of going to a search page to enter their search terms. Simply typing the word "search," a space and a term such as "NFL" in Netscape Search will deliver a list of football sites and categories. New to Netscape Communicator 4.7 is the "shop" keyword. Users can now simply type in the new keyword "shop" and the item they are interested in (for example, "shop shoes") and Netscape Internet Keywords will return the most relevant sites related to the item. "Quote AOL" delivers up-to-the-minute stock quotes for the leader in interactive services.

Netscape AOL Instant Messenger 3.0
Netscape AOL Instant Messenger 3.0 enables instant and private messaging, one-on-one and group chats. The 3.0 news ticker keeps you informed of current headlines and file transfer with virus scan lets you instantly exchange pictures and documents.

Winamp 2.5
Winamp 2.5 adds the extremely popular MP3 player technology to Netscape Communicator. Winamp includes an audio equalizer, song playlist, audio visualization, audio effects and many other customizations. Winamp also supports for the radically new streaming MP3 radio stations using SHOUTcast (see the hundreds of radio stations on http://www.shoutcast.com/).

Macromedia Flash Player 4.0
Flash Player 4.0 includes integrated support for high-fidelity MP3 streaming audio which lets you experience animation and entertainment in your Web browser


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